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  • Is rare in the village of tall men
  • Ensure that all be involved in a family can't
  • The mine has been ordered to halt production
Kaiping funeral home in early2015Years1Month by provincial department of provincial level[201aaaa000000013]
Sanitation workers seniority wage base for each month30Yuan[201aaaa000000013]
The tall man is rare in the village[201aaaa000000012]
Why don't the flesh rotting? The flesh not corruption phenomenon at least so far[201aaaa000000012]
Most consumers are helplessly polled said at the scene[201aaaa000000012]
Ensure that all be involved in a family not petition or prosecution[201aaaa000000012]
The mine has been ordered to halt production[201aaaa000000012]
The crematorium south of the city of Richmond, Virginia8From the day[201aaaa000000012]
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·Charging projects、Standard、On the basis of
·Service content
·Service program
·Service commitments
·Supervision services
·Huimin projects、Range、On the basis of
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·The first asking responsibility system
·Service reminder system
·The first responsibility system
·Service PingJiaZhi
·One-time told system
·Completed in system
·System of choice
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·Life is dignity
·From the evolution of China's burial history to see the current situation and future of the reform of the funeral industry
·The folk funeral professional vocabulary books
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·The state council of the People's Republic of China《The regulation of the funeral》
·Shandong province regulations for the funeral
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????Weifang ChangLe third funeral home in south of the county12Km great interpretation of Lucy300M,Cover an area of an area24612Square meters,From the south of the city JieBan south station2Kilometers。The east chang high way,North street, bao tong,South plastic wang,Convenient,The transportation is convenient……
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24Hours phone service:053aa0006733333 Fax:053aa0006227458 Address:ChangLe south of the county2Km great interpretation of Lucy300M