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Tahiti lagoon


Tahiti lagoon water


EPSMiracle factor

Water ripples the core muscles through embellish(Times run type)
My muscle bottom of sea
Natural pure and fresh breath,Secondary cleaning at the same time,Improve the subsequent product absorption,Use for a long time,Skin is softer、More moist。
¥150.00 150ml
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The daffodils


The Atlantic ocean red algae


Daisy flowers

Beautiful white core muscle crystal mining emulsion
Light up muscle White from core operations
Contains effective whitening ingredients,Help fade melanin,Carry bright color of skin,Make skin white and degrees、Uniformity and glossiness effective promotion。
¥178.00 120ml
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Red has found


Deep sea thermophiles


Youthful energy

Fu can fresh YanFu grain essence
Time and flawless Youth as red
Silky essence of jade-like stone embellish texture,Easily absorbed by skin,Lightly between injected with nutrients to the skin,Help smoothen fine lines,The appearance of wrinkles,Concentrated repair。
¥298.00 40ml
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